Current Mentor Information


Thank you for giving your time to the students at Hamilton School.  We appreciate the effort that it took to become approved to become a mentor and we are so grateful that you continue to show up every week to meet with your Mentee.  Please know that YOU are making a difference in the life of your mentee. We are committed to supporting you in any way we can.  Please contact any of us anytime.  No question is too small.


Contact information for Current Mentors:


Scheduling and Off Campus Privileges

Catherine Pace, Mentor Coordinator Hamilton School


Phone: 415-883-4691

Mentorship concerns, questions, referrals

Tammy Pedersen, Mentor Me Site Coordinator


Phone: 415-720-9904


Michele Huff, Mentor Me Site Coordinator


Phone: 415-305-1125

Academic Discussion

Please feel free to contact your student's

teacher.  The best way to do this is via email.  The teachers email's are:

first inital last name

If you need help with this contact any of us.

Apply for Off Campus Privileges: